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The republican, who does not want to be named, was one of three IRA members who escaped the SAS ambush in the sleepy Co Armagh village that night. return { return; "According to other IRA members, McGuinness often conducted the actual shooting himself . if (!hash) { }; }); const oneMonthInSeconds = 60 * 60 * 24 * 30; 'shopfront_header_subscribe' : 'shopfront_subscribe'; premium_content_redirect_url: premium_content_redirect_url, }; } const fireProductClickEvent = function (fn) { eventAction: 'hd-address', window.dataLayer[0].user.meteredResetDate = meteredResetDate; el.classList.add('-full'); eventCategory: 'upgrade_flow', The brother of an RUC constable shot dead by an IRA gunman in Derry 30 years ago this month has says he will never stop fighting for justice. } } if (! They were pursued by the officer and Mr Keys but managed to escape. Her brother Patrick Kelly was one of eight IRA members who were killed at Loughgall on May 8 1987 as the unit attempted to launch a gun and bomb attack on the village police station. let upgradesAvailable = false; } var contract = 'monthly_bundle'; const products = selectedPrice.placeholder_prices.length > 0 bundle: 'premium-plus', window.dataLayer.push({ window.dataLayer.push({ . The Real Irish Republican Army (Real IRA, or rIRA) was a republican militant group that operated during and after the Troubles in Northern Ireland. meteredAccess: purchase.metered_paywall, brand: 'INM', el.querySelector('a[data-price_id]').href = el.querySelector('a[data-price_id]').href + '#annual'; if (socialNetwork === 'facebook' || socialNetwork === 'facebookVideo') { } Of these, most were Catholics civilians with no paramilitary connections but six were Provisional Irish Republican Army members. return []; true:false; setBundleToFullWidth(plan); if (element.tagName === 'BODY' && ! priceExpireExist[prices[key]['id']] = Date.parse(prices[key]['active_to']); if ( === 'template-prices-login-button') { (scripts[i].innerHTML.indexOf("shopfront_url") !== -1)) { return product; const grantedBy = Object.keys(purchase).filter(function (key) { eventCallback: function () { if (window.location.href.indexOf("#annual") > -1) { eventCategory: 'bundle_click', Awarding him \u00a350,000 in compensation earlier this month, the High Court heard how it led to him suffering PTSD and being medically retired from the police aged 39 in 2002.A separate claim that the authorities failed him over the alleged use of undercover police informants within paramilitary groups was denied and withdrawn from the action.This means that the identity of the agent who told his handlers about the Pomeroy robbery will not be made public.Security sources have described this individual as a \u0026amp;ldquo;senior republican\u0026amp;rdquo; whose information over the years was invaluable in the RUC battle against the east Tyrone IRA.Mr Keys previously told Sunday Life that Mrs Foster died needlessly and police should have put in place an operation to prevent the robbery which claimed her life.There are other disturbing aspects to the incident which hint at an agent being protected.The car used in the hold-up, which was hijacked in nearby Carrickmore, was returned to its female owner by the RUC without being forensically examined.The woman found a stash of IRA handguns in the boot which were recovered by police.No one was charged in connection with the find.The family of Mrs Foster is currently suing the chief constable over her killing and how senior cops failed to prevent the post office robbery taking place despite knowing it was to occur.Her Manchester-based grandson Mark Foster said: \u0026amp;ldquo;I am fighting for answers and seeking justice. dispatchEvent(new Event('reinitialize')); It is believed to have drawn its membership from across the eastern side of County Tyrone as well as north County Monaghan and south County Londonderry. three IRA members . }); // otherwise get it from the url or the previouslySelectedPriceId The plan was simple, if the measurements could be confirmed. productClickSource = window.shopFrontHeaderSubscribe ? } In addition to working directly for an independent Operator, team members gain life experience that goes far beyond just serving a great product in a friendly environment. } Ed Moloney is an Irish journalist who frequently covered the Troubles in Northern Ireland. return price; A member of an IRA unit who survived a deadly SAS ambush at Loughgall which claimed the lives of eight republicans has broken his silence for the first time on the 30th anniversary. const cookieData = updateSubscriberCookie(event.detail.object); }; } const setDataLayerNonMeteredFlow = function (accessObject) { template_placeholder_price_option: '

', In July of 2005, The Sunday Times reported that Adams was replaced by Brian Arthurs, a former commander of the Provisional IRA's East Tyrone Brigade. } = 'none'; Those who Commanded the murders were, Kevin McKenna (Chief of Staff, 1983-1997), Michael McKevitt, Thomas 'Slab' Murphy, Brendan McKenna (Adjutant), JB O'Hagan (Quarter Master/Recruitment/Internal Security), Hennessy McKenna, Barry McHugh, and Jim Lynagh was OC. }; element.closest('.field1').classList.toggle('-blank', element.classList.contains('StripeElement--empty')); } } else if (purchase.badge['premium-plus'] && purchase.badge['premium-plus'] == true) { } else if (Object.keys(p.badge || {}).indexOf('epaper-access') > -1) { subscriptionStatus: 'Corporate', if (Object.keys(window.dataLayer[0]).indexOf('article') > -1) { But there's more: discover your full benefits now. var p_tag = document.createElement("p"); if (!isHomeDelivery) { return; subscriptionFinishDate: '1111-11-11T11:11:11Z', } onLogout: function () { {"gigya.api.key":"4_48qaId8Y6angH1FfIwUk_w","gigya.screenset":"BelTel-RegistrationLogin","":"BelTel-RegistrationLogin","gigya.authFlow.redirect":"false","competitions.submit.endpoint":"","competitions.api.key":"0b15feaa-62b2-45a2-8244-723a9e80748e","subscriptionwall.cookie-domain":"","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.home-delivery":"","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.premium-plus":"","subscriptionwall.welcome_url.premium":"","kaching.enabled":"true","quantcast.enabled":"false","didomi.enabled":"true","social-embed-consent-wall.enabled":"true","homepage.regional.sections.mapping":"Antrim:/news/northern-ireland/antrim/:news_northernireland_antrim,Armagh:/news/northern-ireland/armagh/:news_northernireland_armagh,Derry:/news/northern-ireland/derry/:news_northernireland_derry,Down:/news/northern-ireland/down/:news_northernireland_down,Fermanagh:/news/northern-ireland/fermanagh/:news_northernireland_fermanagh,Tyrone:/news/northern-ireland/tyrone/:news_northernireland_tyrone,East Belfast:/news/northern-ireland/east-belfast/:news_northernireland_belfasteast,North Belfast:/news/northern-ireland/north-belfast/:news_northernireland_belfastnorth,South Belfast:/news/northern-ireland/south-belfast/:news_northernireland_belfastsouth,West Belfast:/news/northern-ireland/west-belfast/:news_northernireland_belfastwest","active_cmp":"didomi"} {"url":"","adunit":"","targeting":{"art_id":"41879465","article_id":"41879465","kw":["Double","agent","who","infiltrated","east","Tyrone","IRA","escapes","being","unmasked","after","legal","action","taken","by","traumatised","exRUC","man","settled","in","court"],"gs_channels":["gs_law","gv_safe_adult","gv_safe_download","gv_safe_drugs","gv_safe_hatespeech","gv_safe_military","gv_safe_obscenity","gv_safe_tobacco","pos_facebook","pos_halloween","pos_natural_disasters","gs_law_misc","shadow9hu7_pos_fb_list_2","shadow9hu7_pos_fb_list_1","gs_predicts_needinglegalcouncil","gb_arms_serious","shadow9hu7_pos_diageo_safe","gb_terrorism_serious","gv_arms","gs_predicts_legal_industry","gt_negative","gs_predicts_veteransservice","gv_death_injury","shadow9hu7_pos_diageo_safe2","inm_over_50s","gv_crime","gb_arms_news-ent","gs_predicts_buyingahome","gt_negative_fear","gs_family_elderly","gs_predicts_celebritynews","gs_tech_social","gv_terrorism","gs_predicts_tennischampionships","neg_alcohol","gs_predicts_doyourowntaxes","gs_predicts_findapro_taxseason","gs_predicts_nflncaafootball","gs_predicts_golden_week","gb_death_injury_serious","gs_predicts_rugby","gs_predicts_compassion","gs_predicts_marketers","gs_family","gs_tech","inm_young_professionals","gb_terrorism_news-ent","gs_predicts_allthingsnewyear","gs_predicts_teens","gs_predicts_youngwomensinterest","gs_predicts_worldcup","gs_predicts_hipsters_rule","gs_predicts_bussoftwarebuyers","gv_notsafe","gv_processed"],"article_type":"premium"},"platform":"MOB","pageType":"Article","pagePaid":true,"lazyload":true} {"network-id":"belfasttelegraph-network","type":"article"} {"@context":"","@type":"NewsArticle","headline":"Double agent who infiltrated east Tyrone IRA escapes being unmasked after legal action taken by traumatised ex-RUC man settled in court","inLanguage":"en","publisher":{"@type":"Organization","name":"","logo":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":""}},"image":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":"","height":"700","width":"1240"},"mainEntityOfPage":{"@type":"WebPage","@id":""},"dateCreated":"2022-07-30T20:31:06.000Z","dateModified":"2022-07-31T06:28:18.000Z","datePublished":"2022-07-31T06:00:00Z","keywords":"","thumbnailUrl":"","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Ciaran Barnes","email":"","image":"","url":""},"description":"A double agent who infiltrated the east Tyrone IRA has escaped being unmasked after a legal action taken by a traumatised ex-RUC officer was settled in court. if (eventType === 'new_card_created' && isUpgrades) { fn(); We are not naming him for legal reasons.He said: \u0026amp;ldquo;X explained that he had information that there was a strong possibility that Pomeroy post office would be robbed tomorrow. fireProductClickEvent(function () { } callback: function (user) { successful_upgrade_redirect_url: decodeURIComponent(returnURL), As a BOH Team Member, you will . } span_tag.appendChild(text); el.querySelector('button[data-price_id]').style.display = 'none'; const latestFlipPayLoadTime = parseInt(localStorage.getItem('subscriptionwall.latest-load') || '0'); [ 21] try { event: '_trackEvent', script.async = true; window.showSubscriberElements(); }); var badges = Object.keys(selectedPrice.badges); const products = selectedPrice.placeholder_prices.length > 0 if (! if (! if (eventType === 'purchase_failed') { params[pair[0]] = pair[1]; return; Your Market News for trending stories from around the world. He also wrote the best-selling book "The IRA - A Secret History". } if (welcomeBanner) { label = 41879465 The East Tyrone member said he would report back the concerns raised and see. bundle_info = upgrade_bundles.filter(function (bundle) { color: 'var(--c_d3t)', if (isShopFront || isUpgrades) { for (i = scripts.length-1; i >= 0; i--) { The IRA men who died were the East Tyrone IRA 'Commander' Patrick Kelly, 32; Declan Arthurs, 21; Seamus Donnelly, 19; Michael Gormley, 25; Eugene Kelly, 25; James Lynagh, 31, Patrick. fontSmoothing: 'antialiased', Stephen Fuller (d. 1984), a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish War of Independence and fought with Anti-Treaty forces during the Irish Civil War (1922-23). currencyCode: purchase.currency, }); template_summary_other_paymet_options_apple_pay: "

", eventLabel: 'save' window.dataLayer.push({ !gigyaID ? Impresso para ser vendido na crown em popes head alley: hannah allen, livewell chapman e a disseminao de panfletos radicais religiosos durante a revoluo inglesa (1646-1665) var contract = 'contract_bundle'; badges: price['badge'] || {}, let productClickSource = localStorage.getItem('product_click_source'); const getPricesByBadge = function () { } }); } list: getListName(), subscribeLink.addEventListener('click', function (e) {